Before I started my freelance (ad)venture, I worked in-house for several different organisations. After university, I worked in-house for a Hampshire charity, before moving to Dorset to work in local government and higher education. I also spent a year at a PR agency looking after a variety of clients.

I was researching and writing about a range of different subjects and for a mixture of different audiences. But I often knew what was coming and was already familiar with the topics and audience.

Since working freelance, that familiarity has been completely thrown into the air. And I love it. Some of my clients have become regular clients and I have got to know their business very well. But then I might take on a client for just one task, or for a handful of projects. I can be writing about 20 different topics within just a couple of hours.

Working outside of a business means I can give a better perspective. I am solely focused on the job in hand. I’ve always been good at (and enjoyed) working fast and delivering high-quality work. But since becoming a freelance copywriter, I can avoid getting bogged down by cross team (or company) politics. I’m given a brief and my focus is to get the brief completed to a high standard and as soon as possible. And that’s what I do.

It’s all about the words.

I started Tulip Marketing earlier this year and since then I think I’ve written about anything and everything. I am sitting in my home office here in Dorset and I could be writing about an event happening on the other side of the country. Perhaps even the other side of the world. It might be a blog post about bushcraft skills or new technology that could revolutionise a whole industry.

A client may have a new invention and need copy for their marketing material or copy for their new website. Their product could be available around the world in the future and it’s exciting to think that I was part of that from the very beginning.

For me, being paid to write and be creative with what I write about is the perfect job. It combines my enquiring mind with my love of words and seeing an idea turn into something that could completely reshape a business.

Could I help you? Get in touch and let me know what I can do for you, or pop over to Twitter or Facebook for a chat.